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CARL is Florida Tech's Cognition Applied Research Laboratory.

fun fact: CARL is the First Lab in the World to Eye-Track Dogs on Dec 10, 2009.

The Florida Tech Cognition Applied Research Lab (CARL) is human computer interaction (HCI) laboratory with research focus on Perception Afforded Cognition and Cognitive Tools. CARL was founded by Dr. Gisela Susanne Bahr who is serving as the lab director.


This website is a little out of date. Thanks for your patience while we are working on the updates !

Our list of current and future research projects includes:

  1. Visual Interfaces that overcome perceptual and cognitive processing limitations and biases.
  2. Organization and retrieval from databases to enhance human cognitive performance during remembering, problem solving and decision making
  3. Polite Security Ageents that are mindful of user attention to engage non-experts in decision making.
  4. Eyetracking of Fine and Comic Art.
  5. Canine Eyetracking  (the merits of this fun project inlcude teambuilding, learning science, having dogs in the lab and working with great vet.)

New projects:

  • Aging and HCI
  • Underwater Problem Solving
  • Greying Divers

CARL Mission:Enhancing the qualities of life, learning and work by thinking smarter.


Journal of Interaction Science  

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