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Hunsucker KZ, Koka A, Lund G, Swain G. 2014. Diatom community structure on inservice ship hulls. Biofouling 30(9): 1133-1140

Thomé I, Bauer S, Vater S, Zargiel K, Finlay JA, Arpa-Sancet MP, Alles M, Callow JA, Callow ME, Swain G, Grunze M, Rosenhahn A. 2014. Conditioning of self assembled monolayers at two static immersion test sites along the east coast of Florida and its effect on early fouling development. Biofouling 30(8): 1011-1021

Ralston E and Swain G. 2014. The ghost of fouling communities past: the effect of original community on subsequent recruitment. Biofouling 30(4): 459-­‐471.

Zargiel KA, Swain GW. 2014. Static vs dynamic settlement and adhesion of diatoms to ship hull coatings. Biofouling 30(1): 115-129

Zargiel KA, Coogan JS, Swain GW. 2011. Diatom community structure on commercially available ship hull coatings. Biofouling 27(9): 955-965

Ralston E, Swain G. 2011. Can biomimicry and bioinspiration provide solutions for fouling control? Marine Techology Society Journal. 45(4): 216-227

Tribou M, Swain G. 2010. The use of proactive in-water grroming to improve the perfomance of ship hull antifouling coatings. Biofouling 26: 47-56

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ASTM D5618 (1994) Standard test method for measurement of barnacle adhesion strength in shear, American Standard for Testing and Materials, Paint - Tests for formulated products and applied coatings. V: 06.01