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Calendar of Events

FIT Professors Emeriti - Florida Tech Events of Interest                                                 


University President’s Faculty Reception

  • Scheduled at the beginning of the Fall term to welcome new and returning faculty
  • Professors Emeriti and spouces are strongly urged to attend
  • All expenses are born by the president’s office

Professors Emeriti Business Meetings

  • Usually two meetings, one in the Fall, and one in the Spring
  • Format: luncheon; one-half hour presentation (optional); formal business meeting
  • Funding courtesy of the office of the University President

Alumni Homecoming

  • Professors Emeriti welcome and encouraged to attend all events
  • Professors Emeriti urged to attend the reception and banquet

University President’s Picnic

  • Scheduled in the Spring term
  • Professors Emeriti encouraged to attend
  • Funding courtesy of the office of the President

Honor’s Convocation

  • Scheduled in the Spring term
  • New Professors Emeriti recognized and presented commemorative plaque
  • Professors Emeriti strongly encouraged to attend

Retirement Reception for new Professors Emeriti

  • Scheduled at the end of the Spring term
  • All Professors Emeriti and spouses strongly urged to attend
  • University invitees include the President, Provost, Vice Provosts, Deans, and retiring faculty who have met the requirements for Professor Emeritus
  • Funding courtesy of the office of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

University President’s Forum

  • Scheduled in the Spring term
  • Format includes responses to questions submitted by attendees
  • Professors Emeriti invited to attend
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