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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events are announced regularly. Some upcoming events are open to anyone. They are usually referred as HCDi Seminars. People interested have to check either on this website or on the HCDi information board in the Crawford building, room 101... more >

Master Events: Entering into the XXI Century

Master events welcome students and professionals from industry. They are developed to help people to better understand and effectively use human-centered principles in the design and engineering of life-critical systems. After this course, you will be able to apply a sustainable human-centered design perspective in your organization ...  more >


Seminars welcome students and professionals from industry. They are developed to create a forum where participants can interact among each other on human-centered projects, issues and perspectives. They are based on in-house and external work presentations and interactive debates ...  more >

Graduate Courses

Florida Institute of Technology offers graduate courses related to the Human-Centered Design field. These courses (3 credits) are also posted as numbered courses of several departments and colleges ... more >


HCDi organizes conferences such as the HCI-Aero series ... more >

Job Opportunities

See the latest opportunities at HCDi ... more >

Past Events

View past HCDI events ... more >


For more information, please send an email to dcaballe@fit.edu.