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HCDi is open to contributors who are motivated in the design of life-critical systems. These contributors may come from hard sciences such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but also from humanities and arts. HCDi is entirely educational and foster innovation toward the design of human-centered technology and environments of the future.

If you like the idea of “human-centered design”, read “Motivation”.

Faculty and Associate Research Staff

Administrative Staff

HCD Ph.D. Students

HCD Masters Students

  • Manali Desai
  • Mugesh Kannan
  • Moez Lidinallah Fessi

Alumni (HCD Ph.D.)

Alumni (HCD Masters)

  • Ruthvik Adloori (HCD 2015) 
  • Nikhileswar Badri (HCD 2015)
  • Kareim Elbaz (HCD 2015)
  • Varun Korgaonkar (HCD 2015) 
  • Raj Nihar Singh Thakur (HCD 2015)
  • Joseph Torkaman (HCD 2015)
  • Tiziano Bernard (Masters, Aeroispace Engineering 2015) 
  • Seyedmohsen Dehghanojamahalleh (Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering 2015)
  • Paige H. Redmon (Masters, Business School 2014)
  • Benjamin Remy (Masters, Aeronautical Sciences 2015)
  • Dharani Dharan Angalaparameswari Natarajan Shanthi (Masters, Business School 2015)
  • Solomon Selvan Panneer Selvam (Masters, Business 2015)
  • Vignesh Sundararaj (Masters, Aerospace Engineering 2015)
  • Neha Suri (Ph.D. Systems Engineering 2015)
  • Kyle D. Wickham (Masters, Aeronautical Sciences 2014)
  • Benjamin M. White (Masters, Aeronautical Sciences 2015)

HCD Graduate Students from other Colleges

  • Sultan M. Almutairi
  • Mohammed S. Alshahrani
  • Pooja Anilkumar
  • Morgan M. Eudy
  • Dheeraj Kumar Gangabyrappanapalya Srinivasaiah
  • Venkatesh Lankapalli Raviprasad
  • Jinal P. Patel
  • Lucas M. Vergara
  • Madhusudhan Vijay Kumar

For more information, please send an email to dcaballe@fit.edu.