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The Laser, Optics and Instrumentation Laboratory, established in the year 2000, explores the applications of continuous wave and short pulse lasers in the areas of material characterization and manipulation. Students and faculty of this lab are involved in developing new techniques and models related to biomedical imaging, laser irradiation of tumors, optical diagnosis of debonding in thermal protection tiles of space shuttle and cellular interrogation using fiber-optic nanobiosensors.
Current Research
Analysis of Heat Affected Zone during Short Pulse Laser Irradiation of Tumors

Cellular Interrogation Using Fiber-Optic Nanobiosensor

Study of Optical Tomography for Biomedical Imaging of Tissues Using Short Pulse Laser Sources

Optical Tomography System Using Short Pulse Laser for Early Lung Cancer Detection

Detection of Debonding in Thermal Protection Tile System Using Pulsed Laser Sources

Underwater Imaging for Land Mine Detection in Shallow Water Using Pulsed Laser

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