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Underwater Imaging for Land Mine Detection in Shallow Water Using Pulsed Laser
Past Sponsor: Northrop Grumman

The objective of this research is to utilize a small laboratory wave tank in which small gravity waves are generated to simulate conditions for underwater imaging in shallow coastal water for detection of hidden targets such as landmines. Hidden underwater targets such as mines are a concern for national defense. In order to achieve this goal, a laser, streak camera and high-speed CCD camera-based imaging system is used. Measurements are made for various types of water having different optical properties and for various size and shape of targets.

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Mitra, K., and Churnside, J.H., “Transient Radiative Transfer Equation Applied to Oceanographic Lidar,” Applied Optics, Vol. 38, No. 6, pp. 889-895 (1999).

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