National Center for Hydrogen Research

XE100 Manuals

  1. XE100UserManual
  2. XEImagingSoftwareManual
  3. XESoftwareManual

Use of the Microscope

To use the SPM:

  1. Become familiar with the operating manuals. The manuals are detailed enough that you can learn how to use the system. Focus on learning Contact or Non-contact AFM to start.
  2. Schedule time to go over the system usage and safety. When planning, please remember you have to be flexible with your time.
  3. Compoment tips for your samples may be purchased from the lab ($30 and up for mounted tips). Please note, that it is likely that new users will damage two to three tips before recieving a good measurement.
  4. It is recommended that one learns how to operate the SPM during a time when a student or Dr. Earles is available to assist.
  5. The processing of a samples can sometimes last all day. Plan accordingly.

Thermal Spray Laboratory Manuals

NCHR Thermal Spray Research and Development point of contact: Mr. David Moreno

  1. Accuraspray-G3C Product Manual
  2. Model PC-100 Control Module Rev G
  3. Model SG-100 Plasma Spray Gun Operators Manual Rev H
  4. Model 1264 Powder Fedder Operators Manual Rev K
  5. Model 3710 Plasma Control Console Manual Rev E
  6. Intro to NCHR

Senior Designs

  Autonomous Luggage Transportation System (ALTS)

  1. . ALTS Spring 2016 Final Presentation
  2.   CDR-ALTS Final Spring  Report

Smart Energy Utilization System

  1. CDR Presentation
  2. CDR Smart Energy 2016


High-level Multi-objective Model for Microgrid Design

1. Thesis by Siamak Talebi