• Doctoral Graduate

    Recently Mr. Tom Ebert successfully defended his doctoral dissertation entitled "Dynamic Anchoring in Soft Regolith for Celestial Exploration". Dr. Ebert studied the modeling and simulation of anchoring mechanisms for use on extreme terrain mobility platforms for celestial surface prospecting. These anchoring mechanisms are needed for robotic surveying and prospecting of celestial bodies such as the Moon and Mars. Dr. Larochelle served as the Chair of his doctoral committee.

  • PantherBot

    We have recently developed the PantherBot. PantherBot is an indoor mobile autonomous robot that includes a MobileRobotsTM PowerBot mobile robot platform, a laser navigation system, a Schunk 6-DOF robot arm, and hardare & software tools developed by RASSL.

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  • Design of a Novel Hexapod Walking Machine

    We have been designing and developing SphereWalker; a hexapod walking machine whose leg pairs are actuated by novel spherical four-bar mechanisms (US Patent 9162721).

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  • The RASSL Team

    Shown here is the RASSL Team in February 2014. From left to right we have: David Matos Radoriguez, Venkatesh Venkataramanujam, Tom Ebert, Murphy Wonsick, Alejandra Dominguez, Victor Padron, Dr. Pierre Larochelle, Xiaoyang "Ethan" Mao, Sida Du, Marty Grashik, Vignesh Sundararaj, and Jugesh Sundram.

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Mission & Vision

The Robotics and Spatial Systems Laboratory (RASSL) is dedicated to the development of robotic mechanical systems that generate spatial (i.e. 3-dimensional) motion and force transmission. The Lab seeks to advance the design methodologies for these challenging systems as well as techniques for their utilization in industrial and consumer applications. The Vision of RASSL is to be the world leader in the research and development of novel 3-dimensional robotic mechanical systems. The Mission of RASSL is to educate engineers in cutting-edge research and development of 3-dimensional robotic mechanical systems by conducting research, building & testing prototypes, and publishing our findings.

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Latest News

RASSL AtlasApril 10, 2017

Another RASSL student reaches a milestone.

Mr. Tom Ebert has succcessfully defended his doctoral dissertation "Dynamic Anchoring in Soft Regolith for Celestial Exploration".