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ADCP Current Conditions

Timestamp (EST)2016-08-24 18:00:00
Significant Wave Height (ft)4.0
Peak Wave Period (s)7.3
Peak Wave Direction (°TN)57
Depth Averaged Current Speed (kts)0.2
Depth Averaged Current Direction (°TN)135
Water Temperature (°F)85.4

North Jetty Weather Station Current Conditions

Timestamp (EST)2018-02-22 01:30:00
Water Temperature (°F)74.2
Water Level (ft above MLLW)-0.7
Air Temperature (°F)73.9
Barometric Pressure (mb)1029
Wind Speed (mph)13.8
Wind Direction (°TN)95

Data Locations:

SISPNJ: Sebastian Inlet State Park North Jetty weather station ADCP: deployed north of the inlet in 28' of water TRDF1: Trident Pier, Port Canaveral station


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24 Hour Raw Data

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